TPEPIKTMWhat is the Difference Between degradable and Biodegradable plastic bags?  While biodegradable bags will break down organically into a natural substance, degradable bags will only break down using a chemical additive, often triggered by light or heat.

“Biodegradable plastic bags” are often made from farmed products like cornstarch, which, in the right conditions, will break down into elements like carbon dioxide, water and methane. Biodegradable bags are generally best suited to composting and may contribute to methane emissions if sent to landfill. To meet international standards, bags need to compost within 12 weeks and fully biodegrade within 6 months. Biodegradable bags are not suited to recycling.

“Other degradable plastic bags” break down primarily through the reaction of a chemical additive to oxygen, light or heat and are also know as “oxodegradable” bags. Best suited to landfill disposal, they are also likely to survive long enough to present a threat to animals if lettered. As it may take time for them to break down completely, they may pose a threat to animals who mistake the pieces for food. These bags can be recycled.

What Degradable Bags are Available?

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