What’s the difference between a cheap machine which has 2000psi and an expensive machine which has 2000psi?

Most of the time it is quality, find out what the machine is made from and where it is made, ie Australian made is a good start.

What is the difference between psi & Lt/min?

A lot of machine now days are selling on psi rating only, water flow is very important as a 2000psi 5lt machine will only have ½ the impact of a 2000psi 10lt but they are the same pressure. Water flow is a very important thing to think about as it creates the impact of a pressure cleaner.

What’s the warranty on the pressure cleaners for commercial use?

Warranty on Hydromat Pressure Cleaners are 1 – 2 years depending on the model you purchase, Hydromat pressure cleaners now have 3 year warranty on Honda GX motors

I have a house cleaning business and use a pressure washer a few times a week, what would I use?

I would always recommend a little petrol machine for this application so that you had the versatility of using the machine without looking for or needing a power source. Petrol pressure cleaners are very versatile and you can get a variety of attachments for them, ie surface cleaner, turbos, sand blast kits ect.

I would like to clean my house occasionally but don’t want a cheap “Hardware Brand” machine The choice is hard here if you buy a good industrial cleaner you will have a machine for life, or you can invest in disposable machines that may go the distance.

I have a Hotel / Resort / School to clean, which model would you recommend or what should i look for? Each area or site has different requirements, you should access, power supply, water supply, and what is to be cleaned. A good all-round machine for this application is Hydromat’s   HP1712 2500psi 12lt petrol pressure cleaner.

Where are the pressure cleaners made?

Hydromat Services pressure cleaner are made in Australia to Australian Standards.

Can I use hot water with my pressure washer?

Rather then running hot water through your cleaner which can do damage to it, Hydromat has an attachment called a hot box which attaches after your pressure and heats the pressurized water up to temperatures of 120 C. This item can be used with any of Hydromat’s pressure cleaners up to 5000PSI

Can I use bleach  with my pressure washer? If not, what chemicals are safe?

Hydromat can supply you with an acid venturi lance so you can apply any chemicals you need, as it only flow out the end of the lance and not through the cleaner.

How long can a hose be?

On most machines up to 15lt you can run up to 50mt of hose and not experience noticeable pressure loses.  

I only have tank water, can I run a Pressure washer?

Hydromat’s 1450 rpm range of pressure pumps are designed to feed from water tanks, so if we do not have a standard machine that suits your needs we can custom build one.

What machine do I need if I want to clean a roof?

A petrol pressure cleaner is the only way to go here. Hydromat supplies a wide range of surface cleaners including a specialized roof cleaner.

What attachments do I need if I want to clean paths?

The large variety of surface cleaners Hydromat supplies will cover any application you have. As a standard package the 4000psi 15lt cleaner with a 520mm surface cleaner does most areas very well.  

How long can I use my pressure washer for at one time?

Hydromat’s pressure cleaners are rated for continuous use. But in the case of petrol cleaners you will need to stop them to refuel.

How often should I have my pressure washer serviced?

After the first 50 hours then every 200 hours or 6 six months which ever occurs sooner.

Petrol or Electric Pressure Washer?

The situation will determine the power source of the cleaner. But as a rule mobile machines are normally petrol and fix position machines are electric.

By Gary Vos, the Pressure Washer Expert!

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