EcoSoftRangeWhats the Difference in Hand Towels?

Tensens make choosing Paper Hand Towel Easy by offering the complete range of Dispensers of Paper options.

You have to consider a few things when purchasing a dispenser & choosing paper:

Maximising Dispenser Capacity:  It’s not very good time management for your staff to be checking and refilling dispensers continuously. Many people just look at the price of the carton and sheet quantity, but if the average wage is $20 per hour, and you take 10 minutes to check the washrooms and refill the dispensers, that’s around $3.33 in wages, which outweighs the paper cost quickly!?!

Environmental Factors: Is your paper made of virgin trees from overseas rain forests? Has your paper had a full cycle? Eg: Childrens Books, Boxes, Newspapers, Cereal Packaging, Office Paper, Coffee Cups and then Hand Towel

Vandalism: Could your dispensers withstand vandals and can you afford to have a toilet “Out of Order”? One punch could crack a dispenser and put it out of service, which might anger patrons and make your washroom unatractive.

How much will the staff / customer use? If you already have a hand towel dispenser, have a look in the waste bin, is the paper scrunched? Is the paper in big chunks? Is it dry or wet? Remember the more paper that is used, the more frequently you need to empty the rubbish bin – again adding to your labour costs.

Paper Hand Towel Options:

You have three Folded Type Hand Towels – also known as Multifold Paper Hand Towels / Interleaved hand towels or Compact

  • Ultraslim:  Folded Size of Compact Hand Towel is around 6cm – Unfolded Size is Generally 24 x 24cm
  • Slimline: Folded Size of Compact Hand Towel is around 8cm – Unfolded Size is Generally 24 x 24cm – Generally Best Value for Money Sheet per Sheet Basis
  • Compact: Folded Size of Compact Hand Towel is around 5cm – Unfolded Size is Generally 19 x 29.5cm – Used where smaller dispensers are required e.g. Daycares | Smaller Offices | Small Washrooms – Unfolded

For High Usage / High Traffic Areas such as schools, universities, clubs and pubs we recommend the Baywest System which controls usage dispensers, offers green / recycled product and value added systems. These are unique, vandal proof & high capacity systems – Click Here to see the Range

You have two types of Roll Towels:

  • Roll Towel:  Usually between 80-100m / 18cm Width  (Blue Roll Towel is recommended for Food Processing / Manufacturing)
  • Centrefeed Towel: Around 300m per Roll – Ideal for Workshops & areas where plenty of Hand Towel is dispensed at once to wipe surfaces

Whatever your hand towel needs, we have the complete range – go directly to our Hand Paper Towel Section

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