Starting a carpet cleaning business may seem like one of the most difficult tasks in the world. Many people worry about all the steps they need to take and the cost of starting their new venture. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be difficult. Here are the steps to take to start your carpet cleaning business today!

Set Your Goals & Create a Mission Statement

You can’t start a business if you have no idea what you want to accomplish. This means setting goals. But how do you determine those goals?

  • Create a plan and think about what you want from your business
  • Go on a weekend retreat with the other business owners or your partner to develop your goals for the business

You need to think about your life goals as well as the business ones to make sure they will work together.

Your mission statement makes it clear to other what you want from your carpet cleaning business. You need to think about it and then craft it. Your mission statement will help to make decisions in the future.  You need to make sure that each of your employees agree to the missions statement and will help you achieve it

Develop Your Operations Plan

You need to determine the type of work your carpet cleaning business will perform and how that work will be completed. This also means thinking ahead so you can think about how your company will grow.

How do you do this step?

  • Work out what type of Carpet Cleaning Services you will offer
  • Work out whether you will be on-selling / upselling any Services / Products

to your clients.

  • Make sure you get to know what training will be involved?

Develop Your Marketing Plan

All businesses need to market; how else will you get customers? You need to think of a number of factors when developing your marketing plan, including the type of customers that you want to attract and the way that you will get your message across in your adverts.

How will you be advertising?  Build a Website, Facebook, Local Directories, Newspapers, Referrals / Word of Mouth

Develop Your Financial Plan

You need to make sure you earn enough to cover your outgoings. Think about the cost of the services you provide and develop a budget for the company. You will constantly need to look at this for various economical times to determine whether you charge a high or low price & how to increase your profit margin as much as possible. You need the plan to meet your long term needs financially.

Educate Yourself on Carpet Cleaning

There are many courses and knowledgeable people in the Carpet Cleaning Industry, so take the time to learn the trade.

Additional Business Set-up Expenses:  there are various costs to consider including initial outlay and monthly costs, these include:

  • Initial Set-up including Equipment, Accessories & Chemicals
  • Business Registrations
  • Vehicle for Transport
  • Signwriting
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Advertising (online, yellowpages or local directory, leaflet drop, Facebook, website, door knocking)
  • Insurance &/or Personal Income Protection
  • Uniforms
  • Work Cover if Staff Involved
  • Book Keeping / Accounting Program
  • Telephones

And most importantly, Don’t Forgot Save your money for a “Rainey Day”

We see a lot of Carpet Cleaners who may have a slower than expected start (eg. unforeseen wet weather)  and your best off having some money to cover your living costs and business expenses – you don’t want to put unnecessary pressure on yourself if you can avoid it!

Also, over the years I think the best saying is “Make Hay while the Sun Shines” – in other words, when it’s busy and demand is high, work hard and when it’s quieter, take the opportunity to service and maintain your machines and take a holiday if the business allows you to so.

Thanks for the opportunity to share with you and please feel free to contact our team if you have any questions:

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